How to Cultivate Self Awareness to Live A Rich & Radiant Life

30th Muh. 1444 A.H 28th August 2021
1.30PM- 2.30 PM
Sekinat Alao

How well do you know yourself?

I know, self awareness is a topic that we have been yapping on about for a long time now, particularly in the past decade. I am sure that is not changing anytime soon.


Because self awareness is a life skill that is required for us to live a progressive and purposeful life! Whether at the home front, in the workplace or in our relationships, we require a level of self awareness to unlock better versions of ourselves everyday single day! Self awareness forms the foundation of emotional intelligence which has been touted as the most valuable skill to predict success is based on.

Most of the problems we face in life are largely due to the fact that majority of us do not know ourselves. We move with the tide and allow it take us any and everywhere.  To be fair, a lot of us have identified this as an issue and we want to be better, but we don’t know how to go about it!

Some of us don’t know where to start while some of us might have been going about it the wrong way.

Again I ask, do you really know what self awareness means? Do you know what it means for you to develop true self awareness? If you are not able to answer this with your full chest, then I invite you to join me on Sunday, 28th of August to explore how we can cultivate true self awareness that enables you live a rich, fulfilling radiant life!

What you will learn in this webinar?


What self awareness really is


Common myths about self awareness


The roadblocks to self awareness


The roadblocks to self awareness


The key components of self awareness


How to develop self awareness

Yes, I need this! Save my seat today.

Your Facilitator

Hi! I am Sekinat Alao and I help women live a more joyful and purposeful life. My mission is to create a safe space for growth so that women can find their voice, passions and live authentically.  

The thing is I strongly believe that if everyone is living true to themselves and at their highest potential in their careers, businesses and relationships, the world would truly be a better place.

I am a life design coach and I help women design their lives to crush overwhelm and a lack of clarity. 

I am a podcaster at the Radiant woman podcast; a podcast focused on encouraging woman to lead radiant, purposeful and intentional lives.

I am also building a community (Nisabaah on Instagram), where we believe that well-being is central to true success (which is attaining goodness in this life and the hereafter)

My sojourn into motherhood 5 years ago triggered something in me. I started a journey of getting to know myself in order to live a life true to myself, not what is expected of me. I am on a journey to living my ‘why’ and I hope I can inspire you to live yours too.

I am big on love, self-growth, relationships, and spirituality. I also care a lot about fairness, ethics, and values. In my spare time, I love a good sleep, reading a book or signing up for events that tug at my creativity.

About Us

Nisabaah is a community focused on promoting well-being and success by encouraging Muslims particularly women to live purposefully and intentionally, with the overall goal of getting the very best of this life and the hereafter.

Our Manifesto

In this community we believe in true success (seeking the best of this life and the hereafter. 

We know that our body, mind, and soul are critical to achieving true success

We believe in cultivating a similitude of balance and integration across all areas of our lives.

We recognise the honour that Allah bestowed on us by making us vicegerents on this earth and we are committed to being good custodians by utilising our gifts to the best of our ability.

We strive to operate at our highest potential and in ways that are pleasing to Him.

We are committed to goodness and being better versions of ourselves everyday.

We believe in living intentionally and purposefully 

In this community we are powered by, faith, love, purpose, gratitude, self responsibility, authenticity and grace.

We have a podcast, the Radiant Woman Podcast which you can listen to on Anchor, Spotify, Google and Apple podcasts. We also organise monthly free events that touch on various aspects of our lives. 

I invite you join the community by following us on Instagram @nisabaah

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